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Epidural Steriod Injections
Epidural Steroid Injections
Lower back pain affects eight out of ten Americans at some point in their lives. Ruputured discs or spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal) are common causes of back pain and pain that extends down the leg or arm.


Facet Injections
Facet Injections
Back pain is extremely common and often self-limiting. Unfortunately, it can become persistent and eventually disabling. Frequently, the cause of the back pain can be traced to a joint in your backbone, or spine called the facet joint.


Radiofrequency Procedures
Radiofrequency Procedures

Cranial Nerve Stimulation
Cranial Nerve Stimulation (P-Stim)

Our Services > Cranial Nerve Stimulation

Cranial Nerve StimulationWhat is Cranial Nerve Stimulation? (P-STIM)
P-Stim is a micro-stimulation appliance for pain therapy. Microprocessor-controlled, it generates a low-frequency and continual electric pulse which is transmitted to the peripheral nerve endings in the ear. This stimulation results in a release of endorphins which as natural messenger substances have an analgesic effect. In addition, they stimulate blood circulation.

P-Stim is placed behind the ear with an adhesive electrode and the pulses are transmitted via stimulation needles to nerve endings in the ear. P-Stim allows a continuous therapy over several days.

In many cases, P-Stim not only significantly alleviates pain but also allows a considerably better quality of life. Studies have shown that the patients' gemeal health, sleep and activeness are considerably improved.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long dies each treatment last?
Each treatment cycle lasts for four days, the device is deactivated.

How many treatments will I need?
Each patient is different. Your health care provider discuss your progress with you and determine the optimum number of treatments based on your symptoms.

P-Stim Treatment, Pain Therapy What will I feel during the treatment?
You will feel a mild tapping or pulsing at the treatment points. The intensity depends on the patient. It is generally very mild and will diminish over the 4 days of treatment. Many patients feel a sense of euphoria and relaxation during the first few treatments wild others may not.

Will I get an electrical shock if the device gets wet?
Certainly not. If the device gets wet, it will simply stop functioning and you should return to your care provider for a replacement device as soon as possible.

Can the device be re-used and how do I dispose of it?
The P-Stim is a single use disposable medical device. It should be removed and disposed of by your health care provider.

Is the P-Stim treatment covered by insurance?
Treatment is usually submitted to medical insurance. Coverage will vary between policies. Payment options available may be discussed with the office billing department.

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